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S.I.O – Minimal Pattern

S.I.O is the name we have given to our own, unique pattern cutting technology developed to help optimize physical performance.

Basically, it develops garment design and pattern cutting that optimally matches natural body movement, from a starting point of a human figure in an action – rather than a static – body posture. Thanks to this technology: The body and sleeves can be made in one piece, reducing the number of parts requiring sewing.

The fabric can be cut on the bias in parts of the garment where greatest freedom of movement is needed.

Sewn seams can be eliminated or minimized in places where greatest friction will occur.

Garments can be designed and made that significantly improve mobility and comfort by making them lighter, and taking maximum advantage of the natural properties of the fabrics.

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Schematech SKY

More Free, More Dynamic

Schematech technology is the process of adding necessary functions in panel format in a single piece of fabric by changing the knit structure.

At DISC, Descente's R&D center, 3D measurements were made of body movements when skiing. Experiments were then conducted to determine what parts of the body are subjected to pressure from garments that leads to physical hindrance or discomfort when skiing.

By visualizing how much load is applied to elbow bending and stretching, to the arms, and to the torso through these experiments, the parts of the garment fabric that need to be stretchable became clear. Then, working jointly with DISC's pattern engineers, these parts were mapped on the garment to show where and how much elasticity was needed.

SKY Characteristics: Elasticity

Skiwear in stretchable fabrics is widely available, but Descente's Schematech technology adds another dimension.

The human body has areas that require high elasticity and areas that do not, depending on movement. Schematech gives a single piece of fabric the necessary elasticity for both areas by changing the way it is knitted.

(1) Enabling minimal sewing

Standard seam sewing inhibits the elasticity of a fabric.

Schematech fabrics, however, have a high degree of stretch due to the absence of seams, allowing for much greater freedom of movement.

(2) Comfort like a second skin

By changing the knitting structure, the thickness of the fabric in each area can be varied, and functions such as elasticity and durability can be added to each area to make the garment respond like a second skin.

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Motion 3D fabric patterns are designed to mirror the specific movements your body makes as it moves, turns, and stretches allowing for optimal performance. All of Descente’s products contain Motion 3D patterns to create a fit and feel that is second to none.

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Developed by Toray, Dermizax is a soft, stretchy, nonporous laminated fabric with superior waterproofing and anti-condensation features. The outer layer stops water from entering, while the inner layer absorbs and expels moisture to the outside where it spreads and dries quickly to keep you dry and comfortable.

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DTL 20k20k

DTL(Descente Technology Lamination) 20k20k is a multifunctional, 20,000mm microporous waterproof coating offering excellent 20,000g/㎡/24h Breathability, while remaining lightweight and durable.

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DTL 10k10kDTL

(Descente Technology Lamination) 10k10k is a multifunctional, 10,000mm microporous waterproof coating offering excellent 10,000g/㎡/24h Breathability, while remaining lightweight and durable.

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Down insulation creates high loft clusters that trap air and body heat providing maximum warmth. Its light weight, high breathability and compression attributes, make for a versatile fill with extreme comfort.

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3M thinsulate

The original warmth-without-bulk insulation, 3M Thinsulate Insulation is the brand trusted for warmth. This highly breathable, lightweight durable insulation contains a unique fiber construction up to 10x smaller than the fibers of other synthetic insulations, which helps make them more effective in trapping insulated air.

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This proprietary technology developed by Descente converts infrared rays from sunlight into stored heat, even in adverse conditions.

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A blend of 100% polyester and unique microfibers that traps in air and reflect the body’s heat. Heatflex is a light weight, resilient, washable, and quick drying insulation used to maximize warmth and comfort in all conditions.

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3D insulator

Different climates in different environments/ freezing cold/ end-of-season temperature fluctuations.

Athletes who open and close their zippers many times due to intense physical activity in such environments always complained "If only there was a garment that breathed like an organic body . . ." The 3D ventilation system on the back of the garment is the answer to this problem. The special tube structure containing down provides high warmth retention and the ventilation system placed in the front and back of the garment promotes internal air flow. Ventilation also expels excess humidity, enabling the body to stay dry at all times.

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The Breathing System's upper back ventilation openings work in conjunction with the underarm zips to promote ventilation of excess moisture from within the garment. This system compensates for the limited breathability of the fabric and keeps the body dry.

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A process entailing taping over sewn to seams to prevent moisture penetration through holes left in fabric by needle puncture.

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Critical SEAL

It's not full seam seal but seamed in a critical part in terms of water proof when skiing(Not 100% water proof)

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Three dimensional printed lines strategically placed on chest, sleeves and sides of garments to control the flow of surface moisture in bad weather conditions, and channel water and snow away from pockets and hands.

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Logos sewn on to the outer material of garments are a thing of the past. Now, with a unique heat sealing and welding process developed by Descente, the logo shape is laser cut into the fabric, and welded in place from underneath. This makes them much thinner, lighter and more flexible than the traditional sewn ones.